Dr. Dehua Yang is the Founder and President of Ebatco. He has more than 26 years (12 years in China and 14 years in the US) of experience spanning critical areas in teaching, research and development, national and international business development, sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing, customer service, and organizational growth. Prior to founding Ebatco, from 1999 to 2001 he was the Manager, Director of Hysitron Nanomechanics Research Laboratory. Since 2002 he was the Vice President, Commercialization of Hysitron Inc., in which he oversaw Hysitron’s commercialization operations to transform the company’s cutting-edge nanoscience and nanotechnology efforts into real world instruments and applications. He contributed significantly to Hysitron’s business and organizational growth through outstanding execution and implementation of its strategic, operational and financial strategies, and through in-depth understanding of its key technologies and capabilities, portfolio products, and broad applications in diverse industries.

Dr. Yang, a native Chinese, became a permanent resident of the United States through petition in the immigration category of extraordinary ability alien. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a M.S. and B.S., in Solid State Physics and Metal Physics, respectively, from Lanzhou University. He is a recipient of the Chinese Academy of Science top-ranked presidential award and natural science research award. The products he designed and managed at Hysitron, namely, nanoTensile 5000, and 3D OmniProbe, won the 2007 Micro/Nano 25 Award, and the 2005 Nano 50 Award respectively. In addition, he has authored/coauthored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications on nanoscience and nanotechnology, tribology and surface science and engineering related topics. He is an inventor/co-inventor of 4 issued and 2 pending US utility patents. He is a member of MRS, ASME, TMS and STLE, and has served many times as a US National Science Foundation grant review panelist, journal referee, and international conference organizer and session chair. He has given more than 20 invited talks at research institutions and scientific conferences. He was included in the 1999 Edition of Who’s Who for Information Technology.

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