Contact Angle

Camera based contact angle measurements are the modern and preferred method for investigating interactions between liquid and solid surfaces.

Dynamic Contact Angle

Dynamic contact angle is composed of the advancing and receding contact angles that represent the contact angle hysteresis of a sample surface.

Interfacial Tension

Liquid surface tension and interfacial tension are measured on a camera based contact angle meter through pendant drop method using established Young-Laplace theory.

Powder Contact Angle

For fine powders, a surface tensiometer can be adapted for powder contact angle measurements with the appropriate attachments. The measurement of the contact angle is based on the Washburn equation and the application of a high-resolution scale.

Micro Contact Angle

A high speed camera and powerful optics combined with unique pico to nano liter droplet dispensing system enables contact angle measurements of micro-sized features or surfaces.

Surface Free Energy

Total surface free energy, surface free energy components, work of adhesion and interfacial free energy of solid surfaces can be analyzed through contact angle measurements of a solid surface with probe liquids possessing known surface tension values.