For fine powders, a surface tensiometer can be adapted for powder contact angle measurements with the appropriate attachments. The measurement of the contact angle is based on the Washburn equation and the application of a high-resolution scale. This method provides an alternative to contact angle measurements through a contact angle meter for powders less than 10 microns in diameter.

Typical Experimental Results:

Powder Contact Angle and Capillary Radius for a Grain Flour

Sample Contact Angle (deg) Capillary Radius (µm)
Flour A 85.06 270.45
Flour B 86.09 295.84
Flour C 87.73 201.96


powder contact angle1

Powder contact angle of Flour A


powder contact angle2

Powder contact angle of Flour B


powder contact angle3

Powder contact angle of a Flour C



Capillary Radius Ceramic Powders Grain Powders
Fine Powders Ground Coffee Hydrophilic Powders
Metal Powders Organic Powders Powder Wettability
Sugars Temperature Control Washburn Method

For more information please read our application notes.

Key Specifications:

Measurement Range 0-100 m N/m
Contact Angle Range 0 – 90°
Display Resolution 0.01 m N/m
Repeatability 0.02 m N/m
Sample Volume 20 mL – Petri Dish

50 mL – Vessel

Stage Movement Range 50 mm
Stage Movement Speed 0.002 – 50 mm/s


Instruments: Kyowa DyneMaster DY-700 Surface Tensiometer

dy700 new