Vickers and Micro Vickers hardness measurements through microindentation tests.


Scratch resistance, mar resistance, interfacial adhesion measurements through microscrach tests.

Modulus Mapping

Modulus mapping is a technique to map and display the mechanical properties of a material surface through joint actions of dynamic mechanical testing (nanoDMA) and in-situ SPM (scanning probe microscopy) imaging.


The nanoscale dynamic mechanical analysis (nanoDMA) technique is accomplished on a nanoindenter with a dynamic mechanical testing package and heating/cooling stage. It is performed by superimposing a small sinusoidal load on top of a larger quasi-static load during a nanoindentation test.


Nano hardness, elastic modulus, stiffness measurements through nanoindentation tests.


Nanoscratch is an analytical technique that is primarily used for characterizing surface coatings at nanoscale.