Who We Are

Exponential Business and Technologies Company (Ebatco™) is a nanotechnology service and development company. Our ongoing commitment is to serve the international community through its broad range of first-class products and services worldwide. The core value of Ebatco’s products and services resides in the belief of world prosperity through technological innovation, international trade, and mutually beneficial business relationships.

What We Offer

Ebatco recognizes the need for bridging the gap between real-world applications and promising developments in nanotechnology. It is desirable for companies and organizations to keep up with technological advancement in order to increase profitability, cut costs, or increase product competitiveness. However, due to the complexity of nanotechnology and the nanometer (one-billionth of a meter) scale, many wonderful ideas have been hindered by the questions of where, how, and what to use. Therefore, Ebatco has created and designed a series of products and services to help facilitate your nanotechnology strategies and their implementations. We are here to assist you in making connections to real world applications, from macro to micro and down to nano scale. We are certain that you will be pleased with our offerings, whether you are looking for consulting services in nanotechnology, nanoscale analytical and lab testing services, or nano-enabling instrumentation and machinery products.

Our Strengths

Ebatco can help your company and business reach another level of success by assisting, facilitating, and boosting your presence in the nanotechnology world. We can help you discover solutions to your day-to-day challenges via nanotechnology applications. We want to be the springboard of your business’ exponential growth through innovation. Our promises to you are guaranteed by our highly-educated, skilled, creative, and experienced business and technical professionals, by our state-of-the-art nano-detecting instruments, and by our high quality nano-enabling products.

Our Future

We appreciate your consideration of doing business with us. Together we can take full advantage of nanotechnology to realize the earliest opportunity that we can collaborate on your project. We dream of building a glorious, prosperous, and peaceful world.

Ebatco specializes in nanoscale material, surface, and device characterization, as well as nanotech development and implementation. Our clients enjoy a one-stop-shop experience despite coming from various academic, government, and industrial organizations. By providing customized solutions, we will exceed your expectations and requirements. Our clients are supported with the highest degree of scientific excellence and business savvy. Our product offerings are state-of-the-art; they are advanced, high quality, and the best value.


Our customer community encompasses small start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies. The utility of our services and products span a wide variety of industries, including, but not limited to: agricultural, automobile, biotechnology, chemical, computer, cosmetics, electronics, food, manufacturing, medical device, packaging, pharmaceutical, semiconductors, telecommunication, and transportation. Ebatco has helped a multitude of clients in a wide range of industries with speedy solutions to their technical challenges or to better their products and services.


Our success relies on customer satisfaction of our products and services. We are committed, service-oriented, and customer-focused. You can count on us.


Ebatco maintains a high level of market competitiveness for its products and services by strengthening its core competencies: advanced technology, innovation, best value, and customer satisfaction. We help clients to achieve cost savings through market-competitive, speedy, convenient, innovative solution packages of products and services.


We value our clients’ right to privacy and confidentiality. Our confidentiality policies respect client needs. Customers that come to us can request our compliance with their own non-disclosure agreement (NDA), or we can be bound under a standard mutual NDA.


We ensure accurate results by adhering to standard operating procedures. We use traceable standards and validated methods for analyses when available. Published guidance documents are referenced to be in compliance with the latest regulatory policies. By documenting all facets of analysis, following rigorous procedures, and communicating all questionable results, we can ensure high quality, error-free reporting. When emergencies arise, our analytical investigations offer accelerated 1 day, 3 day, or 1 week turnarounds. Ebatco can resolve your urgent needs, providing quick and reliable answers needed to prevent product failures or production line issues.


Our staff is comprised of Ph.D. level experts along with advanced degree scientists. With years of experience and advanced academic credentials, our staff members regularly attend professional meetings and stay up-to-date with the latest advances in a wide range of technical fields. Collaboration among staff results in innovative solutions to non-routine problems. You are guaranteed subject matter expertise in the areas we serve.