Optical microscopy can be accomplished through many different instruments in the NAT Lab. The Zeiss Axioscope, AmScope Stereo Microscope, TriboIndenter camera system and CSM camera system can all be used to perform microscopy on a wide variety of samples.

Typical Experimental Results:


Dark field image capture of a grid pattern with the Zeiss Axioscope


optical 2

622 µm x 538 µm Optical image captures of 2 different polyethylene plugs at 1X zoom level
with the TriboIndenter Optics



Critical failure location of a paint coating observed in the CSM optics


Biological Materials
Bright Field
Dark Field
Etched Materials
Failure Location
Grain Count
Grain Structure
Key Dimensions
Particle Counts
Surface Features
Visual Inspection

For more information please read our application notes.

Instruments: Zeiss Axiotron Inspection Microscope
optical 4

Key Specifications:

Microscopy Type Stereo, Compound
Optical Resolution 200nm
Magnification 0.58X-1200X
Objective 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X, 150X
Biocular Lens 5X, 10X
Imaging Mode Bright Field, Dark Field
Sample Size Height: 50mm; Diameter: >150 mm
Stage Manual or automatic
Camera Color CCD
Light Source LED, Halogen Lamp



Hysitron TriboIndenter Optics


CSM Scratch Tester Camera System


AmScope Stereo Tri-ocular Microscope